In Obscurity Revealed - The Spell of the Seeker Tape

by Caverna Abismal Records

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Vetrarnótt Brutal, massive sounding guitars, raw aggressive pacing inside a kind of ominous energetic field. Short songs as small shots of old school death metal invocation, with not much of an "occult side" displayed in their sound, apart from the lyrical concept pointing into that direction. Favorite track: Law of Thelema.


Created in 2014 to pay homage to the occult and obscure traditions, Mexican triad IN OBSCURITY REVEALED have casted their first curse upon the masses earlier this year. To be re-released in tape format through Caverna Abismal, “The Spell of the Seeker” is a 4-track death metal ritual in the vein of the old coffins such as Carnage and Autopsy with the characteristic touch of South American darkness. Despite the old-school sound of the demo, the band doesn’t intend to be part of any revivalist movement or drink from the well of past glories. Instead, IN OBSCURITY REVEALED seeks to be a vehicle for a message that sometimes through music, is a process of transcendence, emanating from a source and in this case, an obscure one.

Tape available March 4th, 2016


released March 4, 2016

F.M.: Guitar/Bass & Vox
D.C.: Guitar
Ocamach: Drums



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